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Select your own size die cut stickers CMYK


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Select your own size die cut stickers CMYK

With this product you can select your own size die cut sticker. You can get them in round, square, oval or even shaped like a christmastree. 

The standard glossy or matt PP stickers are not laminated, but comes with back slit. The back slit makes it alot easier to peal off the backing paper from the diecut stickers.

If the sticker is place where it is exposed for physical ware and tear or if you want longer durability outside we recomend the PVC vinyl with lamination. We also have this in an extra strong glue version. This glue will stick to most materials, even bricks. 

Outside durability up to:

Standard PP - 1-2 years

PVC-vinyl wiht lamination 5-10 years

Extra strong glue with lamination 5-10 years

Pricelist include vat

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